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The following testimony may help explain some of the things you will experience while visiting The Twisted Forest.

A long, long time ago the Bloodworth family lived on this estate. It was grand in its day. Mr. Bloodworth was a successful attorney who traveled often, leaving Mrs. Bloodworth and their children alone at home with their servants. Trip after trip he would return to find one less servant than when he had left. Mrs. Bloodworth, a moody sort, gave no explanation. The children seemed terrified to speak when he would ask them. The more questions he asked of his children, the fewer answers he had. The smallest of the girls, Rose, seemed to be wasting away before his very eyes and the others afraid to speak. He heard Abigail, his nine year old, say to little Rose “tell Daddy” but when he asked, his little Rose wouldn’t answer, so he went to Abigail and asked her. Her story shocked him; it was unbelievable. She told him that when he left, Mama became a different person. That she starved little Rose and kept her in a cage in the corner of the dining room while the others ate, forcing her sisters to throw food just short of her reach. If they didn’t, she would beat them until they couldn’t stand. That sometimes her voice was filled with love and sometimes it wasn’t her voice at all. The children were all terrified of their own mother and begged their father not to leave them alone with her, but Mr. Bloodworth couldn’t believe it; not of his wife.

Shortly thereafter, he left on an extended trip, the children cried when he left them. When he returned home several weeks later, what he found was unspeakable. His wife was hanging out laundry…laundry covered in blood. When he begged to know what had happened, she just laughed…an eerie laugh. It was as if she no longer knew her own name or how to make sense when she spoke. Her hair was unwashed and her entire body covered in blood. Mr. Bloodworth frantically called for his children, – some say he still does – but they never answered. He found some of his children floating in the water trough, long dead. In a frenzy, he began to call for Abigail and little Rose, his wife’s only answer was laughter. I can’t say any more, it’s too terrible to speak aloud. Abigail and little Rose were in the house, but they were no longer among the living and there was so… much… blood. The remaining servants were also dead.

No one knows for sure what happened after that. The story goes that Mr. Bloodworth killed his insane wife for what she had done. Not wanting anyone to ever know what had happened to his family or his servants, he took it upon himself to spread their remains out over his property; lovingly, methodically, taking his children apart and burying them throughout the woods. We’re still finding bones to this day. He took his own life after that, leaving this unholy place to be discovered.

Over the years people say they’ve seen the family, the children, and the servants. But they’ve seen other things too. They say the blood and the bones scattered across the estate have summoned unholy things to this forest and grounds. You be the judge.