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“If evil is a cancer of the human soul, then what of the one that never was human…that has no soul. Evil is too small a word.”

This land…this unhallowed land. Is it possible that a plot of land could have been singled out before time began to hold such atrocities? It seems so. What other explanation could there be? Does the insanity that has taken hold of the people who live on this land come from the ground itself? And if so…why do they continue to come?

            If record was kept of what happened here before the Bloodworth family arrived, it was burned – perhaps in an attempt to purify this plot. It didn’t work. You have probably heard the old story of Mr. Bloodworth who came home from an extended business trip to find that his wife had starved and brutally murdered his children. In an impassioned rage, he killed her and then, unable to cope with the carnage he saw, took the responsibility upon himself for hiding what had been done. He spread their remains across this forest and then killed himself. Maybe he thought that would end it all…he was wrong.

            For many years the land remained barren of people or life. Life, not occupants. Cries could still be heard throughout the forest of little Abigail and Rose Bloodworth, pleading for their father to protect them. No one stepped foot into the forest, not even hunters; lest they become the hunted.  Then Dr. Howling came and the land took her mind. She, who once had been a brilliant surgeon, came to recover from her bout with barrenness and to do research. She was determined to be a mother, though nature had seemed to say she would not. It was not long after that her experiments took a turn for the macabre. Townsfolk begin to disappear; an entire traveling carnival; children from the orphan train and eventually the search party who went to rescue them. What was she doing with these people? Were they people any longer?

            Soon rumors began to spread that the bodies were reappearing without souls, hungry for living flesh. Even the forest animals deserted this land. These poor, depraved, soulless beings who had once had hopes and dreams for their future wandered the hills, their moans and cries piercing the night. Only the voodoo shaman and his protective spells kept them from turning on their creator. And people continued to disappear.

            Then, success at long last! Dr. Howling was able to create a being, a child, that held life. At last she was a mother! If only I could tell you that this unholy experiment ended the grim legacy of this land. But, no… Now the child had to be pleased. It needed playmates. The children from town continued to be called into this gruesome service and the Creation’s appetite for sordid pleasure had no end. But the eyes Dr. Howling gazed into as she tried to cuddle and please her new little girl were bottomless and black. The smile that curved her pale pink lips only appeared when someone else was suffering. Fear seemed to delight the girl – to give her energy even. It soon became apparent to its mother that this was no ordinary child…perhaps not a child at all, but a creation that should never have been.

            Now the terror has come full circle. For the original Bloodworth land that has called to itself the otherworldly and horrific beings that inhabit it has become almost a haven. Dr. Howling has used her undead family to protect her from her own Creation who has turned on her. If you cross the bridge, you are in the Creation’s territory – her hunting ground. She hunts the dead the living alike. She preys on their fear. Terror is her nourishment. She uses children as bait and draws people there to rescue them, only to become hunted themselves. She is nowhere…she is everywhere.

            I took it upon myself to post this at the forest’s edge. You have been warned. And now, I will enter this unholy sanctuary myself. It is not mere curiosity that propels me forward – to see what is legend and what is truth. No, I would be content to assume it just a story to tell my boy at bedtime. But I can’t you see…my boy is gone. I will return with him at my side…or not at all.