2014 -The Dentist


The Honeywell family, possibly the last inhabitants to have ever lived on these cursed grounds. 

Dr. Robert Honeywell had been fascinated with dentistry for as long as he could remember. He had worked all over the country and in the early 1980's he found his way to the property now known as The Twisted Forest. He didn't just find this place, the grounds drew him here. Robert was a single father and had several children, mostly girls. He cared deeply for his family, but had no idea that his decision to make this property his home would prove to be the worst decision of his life. Like the dark transformations of Mr. Bloodworth and Dr. Howling, the evil that inhabits this land immediately began to torment Dr. Honeywell, sealing his fate alongside every past inhabitant of The Forest. Over a short amount of time the evil took complete control of Robert too. The friendly neighborhood dentist and lovable father quickly evolved into a soulless, demented face-carver. Dr. Honeywell's evil transformation left his children abandoned, completely subjected to the evil hunger of the grounds. 

Robert's oldest child and only son, Craig, had served as a field mechanic in the Vietnam War. Like so many others, the cruelty of war had traumatized Craig. After the war, he moved back home to be around his family. Horrible thoughts still plagued him and it didn't take long for him to move into the garage, to spare his family their concern. During the day working on engines and fixing cars helped keep his mind off the past, but at night his mind would wander back to the terrible things he had seen and done. It wasn't long before the night of the fire. No one knows how it was started, but if you listen closely you can still hear Craig's screams and smell the faint scent of gasoline in the air. 

After Robert Honeywell's wife died giving birth to Laura, Robert's mother stepped in to help raise the children. Dr. Honeywell moved his mother into an old cabin in the woods nearby. She used to love visiting with her granddaughters, and baking fresh pies for them. Her recipes started simple, but over time became more and more eccentric. The girls became cautious of what pies they tried after nearly sampling a pie made from her pet cat. The evil of the Forest strayed "Grandma" further and further from sanity until she began working to perfect her craft by using human ingredients. Dr. Honeywell was all too willing to provide his dear mother with everything she needed.

Anne, Robert's introverted daughter, loved playing in the woods and fashioning elaborate dolls to play with. Her sisters used to tease her that she played with her "straw men" more than them. She would tell her sisters how the straw men could talk, but only when it was quiet. In the summer, she would play up in the woods from morning until supper. As the days passed by, she would come back later and later. Finally, she fearfully confessed to her sisters that the straw men didn't want her to leave. One night, she didn't come back to the house, but by then no one at the Honeywell residence cared.

Robert's youngest daughter, and his most spoiled, was Laura. One of her fondest memories was when she had gone to the circus as a child. She loved clowns and would beg her sisters and any visiting friends to dress up and play in her pretend circus. By her 10th birthday, the evil had fully taken Dr. Honeywell. He surprised her with a group of clowns to perform for her and her guests. The party took a turn for the nightmarish when the clowns butchered the birthday audience, with Dr. Honeywell clapping and laughing all the while. He clapped the loudest as they drug Laura into the woods, tears streaming down her face, screaming for her father to help her.
I have shared with you just a few of the tales of Dr. Robert Honeywell's residence. To this day, no one knows the names or fates of his other daughters. Perhaps the Doctor's receptionist helped the girls to safety ... or perhaps they fell victim to Dr. Honeywell's malevolent intentions. Dr. Honeywell's passion for dentistry became skewed as the evil overtook him. His desire slowly shifted to making his patients smiles as wickedly glorious as his own. Uncooperative patients were escorted to the barn, where more than their smile would be altered. 

Again, the evil of The Twisted Forest brought unspeakable atrocities to its grounds. The presence of evil weighs in the walls, the soil, the trees, and the very air itself. It hovers, waiting patiently to converge on innocent visitors entering its branchy, dark trap. Proceed, but be warned: it already knows you're here.