2013 -THE WELL


Before the Bloodworths fell prey to the curse of the land, before Dr. Howling sacrificed her humanity to its lure, there was… The Well.

Sarah, the wife of a wealthy landowner, was roaming the forest near her home when she came upon what seemed to be an ancient abandoned well. She fetched her husband Nicodemus to show him her discovery, hoping the well could once more be made operational. Nicodemus was interested, the two of them gathered some supplies and returned to the well to investigate. Nicodemus lowered himself into the dark well. As he descended he began to feel light-headed and the harsh scent of copper filled his nose and mouth. He felt trapped in the small space and upon reaching the bottom of the well he felt a presence unlike anything he had ever felt before. He cried out in terror as the well began to fill. Sarah leaned over the side of the well holding a lantern high, only to shed light on Nicodemus’s dire predicament. The well wasn’t filling with water, it was filling with blood. The glow of the lantern’s light filled Sarah’s frightened face. It was in this moment that Nicodemus began to see her differently…

Day by day the voice became louder in Nicodemus’s head. It was telling him that Sarah was not what she seemed to be. Madness was overtaking him. He knew these thoughts were not right, being lucid was a luxury he enjoyed less and less these days. He spent more and more time at the well, talking to the voice emanating from its depth, begging it to leave him alone. It told him there was only one way to achieve peace – Sarah was evil and must be destroyed.
A couple of weeks later, Nicodemus showed up in town looking haggard and unrecognizable. He was speaking to the air and covered in blood. He sought out the local priest who had just sat with a family of a deceased loved one and was leaving the mortician’s office. Nicodemus begged the priest to follow him into the woods. The priest, untrusting of Nicodemus in his current condition, asked the mortician to come along. When they arrived, the horror that awaited them was beyond anything they could have imagined.

What once had been Nicodemus’s sweet wife, Sarah, was now a bloody corpse, hanging naked from the top of the well. It was obvious, even to the untrained eye, that she had been tortured. Her flesh had been shredded and now hung off her decimated body, her eyes were gouged out and her hair had been shorn and used to tie her wrists together. Her prominent ribs spoke of starvation and the rest of her, of something far more sinister. Not far from her lay the body of her murdered serving girl, a mere child. Nicodemus keened and cried, a huddled mass on the ground, pointing to the corpses and repeating, “It made me do it…It made me do it.”
The priest was beyond words. It was obvious Nicodemus had lost his mind and murdered his wife, sacrificing her to whatever entity he thought inhabited the well. The priest asked the mortician to lower the bucket and draw water with which to bless and sanctify the poor, decimated bodies. But as the mortician withdrew the bucket, he came into contact with the tainted blood; and as the priest dipped his hand inside, he did also. Nicodemus began to laugh, quietly at first and then maniacally. Gone was the mourning husband. Gone was his remorse. He had been sent to do a job and he had done it well. “That’s what it said you would do!” He seemed to be talking to the well itself as he laughed and asked over and over “ARE YOU PLEASED?” 

From there the legends vary but this one thing is certain, evil prevailed that day. Nicodemus, the priest and the mortician continued to bring the worst of the worst to the land that is called The Twisted Forest, taking their lives and trapping their souls for all eternity. The ground seemed to hunger for evil and they were all too willing to comply.

As you travel the forest trail this night, be prepared. Know who you might encounter…who you need to avoid. The priest and mortician are out there, binding souls to the forest. Performing twisted pagan rituals to desecrate and enslave souls – don’t allow yourself to become one. The forest has many inhabitants, some so corrupted that they no longer resemble anything human, a few that never were. Some appear to have a flesh eating disease, don’t let them fool you, they are being devoured from the inside out by evil. First their soul…then their skin. Don’t let them touch you or let them taste your fear, they feed upon it.
Even the most vulnerable are not off limits. Evil loves the innocence of children and the helplessness of the mentally ill. Nicodemus had a maze constructed and then sealed the exits to enslave an entire asylum of the criminally insane. To gain freedom from this eternal labyrinth an inhabitant must trade places with an innocent. Your soul may be their ticket out, their reality might become your own. There is only one true escape, DEATH! If you manage to get out of the maze, the priest has enlisted the help of an executioner to deal with the lucky ones. He waits for you in the graveyard, ready to dole out punishment and torture to ensure that absolutely no one makes it out of The Twisted Forest.
As sure as the evil is here, so is Sarah. She still haunts these grounds, the priest's rites having bound her to the land. Enlisting the help of the corrupted; Sarah desires to inflict the torture and suffering she endured, upon all the living who encounter her.

Be forewarned. Turn back now. Don’t step foot onto this accursed land. If you do begin this journey, keep your sanity and remember that you are free to leave…Or are you?