This page is from the journal Dr. Al Brolan, a professor and peruser of the unusual, who came to Southwest Missouri searching for answers. Several other pages from his journal were found shredded and covered in blood. This one alone remained, almost untouched. It had blown outside the confines of the old Bloodworth estate - the very place he was believed to be researching. The page left more questions than answers, but Dr. Brolan was unable to bring clarity to the matter… as he was never heard from again…

Journal Entry:

The old Bloodworth estate boasts a history as bloody as its name. It is rumored that the mother of several small children lost her mind and slaughtered her family in cold blood. When her husband returned home from a long business trip to find his deranged wife and the corpses of his children, he responded by putting an end to her lunacy and her life. In his grief and eagerness to hide the tragedy, he scattered their remains around the property and took his own life. Not only are the ghosts of the Bloodworth family and their murdered servants believed to roam those woods, but other abnormal anomalies as well. It’s as if their very blood beckoned darkness to join them.

The estate stood empty for decades - no one dared bother the land until Dr. Howling from Chicago moved in. She was a renowned scientist that worked on the fringes of medicine and was either revered or ridiculed for her strange ideas. When she learned she could not have children, her experiments, which already bordered on bizarre, took on a decidedly insane twist. Her license was revoked and she left Chicago in shame. She showed up in Southwest Missouri and bought the Bloodworth estate. Locals report she allows no visitors and rarely leaves the property. They also say she is not alone out there…

There are stories of strange sounds and cries for help that tear through the night. Neighbors of the estate are abandoning their homes in fear. Some say they have seen the undead wandering the wooded area surrounding the house. Even more macabre, they report the cries of children, though she is known to have been barren. Could it be that she is trying to create the life she longs for through the sacrifice of others? Could Dr. Howling’s work be the reason for the undead that wander the woods? During her first year of residence the local sheriff ventured out to the infamous estate to put rumors to rest…but never returned. A search party was immediately assembled to search for him but the posse was never heard from again. Since then, the town has left her alone.

The only other known resident of the estate is a voodoo shaman from Africa rumored to work for Dr. Howling. It is said his only job is to keep the undead Dr. Howling has created through her inhumane experiments, from turning on her. More frightening still are the substantiated reports of the missing. It began with a vagabond here and there and then townsfolk began to disappear. Is she feeding the freaks of nature she has created or simply needing more body parts? The questions are as hard to ask as the answers are to consider.

A few years after Dr. Howling took up residence, 16 children disappeared from the orphan train that passed through. Each subsequent time the train stopped, more children mysteriously vanished. I have pressed the community for answers to this, but people simply won’t talk about it. They are more terrified of the possibilities than they are concerned for these orphans. Just last year, an entire carnival troupe disappeared. Their equipment was found parked on the side of the road next to the estate. Not a soul was left to explain their disappearance. My hand is shaking as I write this, for just last night as I walked a road near the estate; I heard eerie music that could only be described as a haunting calliope tune. Am I losing my mind?

Perhaps the townsfolk have been quieted by threats and rumors, but I am going to get to the bottom of it. If though, I do not return, please take up my quest. Come to The Twisted Forest searching for answers. This evil must not be left to do its work. If enough of us visit The Twisted Forest we will have our answers. They can’t quiet us all…can they?